Reducing libido with age is considered a natural process. In the male body, testosterone levels begin to drop after about 40 years, and by 60, it is clearly not enough. So, before you can address the consequences, you need to find the cause. Many men are irresponsible to their health and turn to a doctor already in a critical condition, which requires severe treatment.

Sometimes, at the first sign of problems with erection, you may buy widespread oral medications such as Viagra or Cialis and forget about it, however correct diagnosis makes it possible to choose the right treatment. The causes of low libido are the same at any age: overload at work, unhealthy psychological conditions, lack of sexual interest in a partner, etc.

However, the older the personality, the more likely that sexual dysfunction is caused by blood flow disorder in the pelvic area. In that case, you can easily solve this problem using Cialis tablets, but you don’t have to take it on a regular basis. It is enough to follow certain rules and change your lifestyle.

There are ways to improve your potency

  • Normalize food intake. You need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, drink water in large quantities, and eliminate overeating. In overweight people, the risk of getting erectile dysfunction is much higher.
  • Sleep and rest. Staying outdoors brings invaluable benefits to the whole body, and healthy sleep, as it is known, restores energy. Regular visits to the doctor are necessary, but it is worth remembering that the abuse of medicines, especially cardiac medications.
  • The maximum movement should accompany the life of a person. We are not talking about serious sports loads, but walking, swimming, running, and just a daily climb up the stairs are simply necessary. Spend more time with your partner for pleasant activities, as well as talk about sex.
  • Fix the situation with specific therapeutic medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.
  • A family psychologist. If mental factors are the leading cause – psychotherapeutic treatment makes sense. It is advisable first to undergo counseling, in which it is better to participate with both partners. It should not be forgotten that before any use of any tablets for potency. It is necessary to undergo an examination and consult a doctor.